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How Do I Learn To Say No
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How Do I Learn To Say No?

It is a word that doesn’t come easy for many: the big old NO. You think to yourself you don’t want to be rude or simply don’t want to offend anybody for safety’s sake and therefore prefer to say yes and amen to everything… And then suffer in silence about it. Sound familiar? Do you keep asking yourself “How do I learn to say no?!” Then you should definitely keep reading.
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Einfache Tipps gegen Instagram-Neid
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Insta-Envy: 3 Tips Against Social Media Jealousy

What is Instagram envy? Our Instagram feed is usually a picture of perfection. The curated pictures show their subject from the best side: slim, tanned, muscular, in a bikini, on the beach, eating an 8-course meal, jet-setting, and so on … It’s easy to become envious of another’s lifestyle. ‘Why can’t I lead such a life, why am I sitting here in my boring office while others enjoy the perfect life?’ I, too, sometimes struggle with this Instagram jealousy. But I will tell you in these 3 simple steps why and how I consistently fight it:Read more

How to write a Gratitude Journal
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How to write a Gratitude Journal

When work is piling up, friends or family are fighting for our attention, and dinner has to be on the table at 6 o’clock sharp… Then sometimes gratitude ends up taking a back seat. One thing to help you live more gratefully every day is to start a gratitude journal. But where to start? Read on to find out how to write a gratitude journal:Read more

Tips to stay positive even on bad days
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5 Easy Tips to Stay Positive on Bad Days

Sometimes, there’s these days where nothing wants to go right and you’re convinced that everything and everyone has conspired against you. How to stay positive in situations like this can be a real mystery. And the real problem? Most of the times, you don’t even need a special trigger to fall victim to the everyday blues. It just turns up out of nowhere, ready to ruin your day! So what can you do to not fall into the trap and turn into grumpy cat all day every day? Read on:Read more