Einfache Tipps gegen Instagram-Neid

What is Instagram envy? Our Instagram feed is usually a picture of perfection. The curated pictures show their subject from the best side: slim, tanned, muscular, in a bikini, on the beach, eating an 8-course meal, jet-setting, and so on … It’s easy to become envious of another’s lifestyle. ‘Why can’t I lead such a life, why am I sitting here in my boring office while others enjoy the perfect life?’ I, too, sometimes struggle with this Instagram jealousy. But I will tell you in these 3 simple steps why and how I consistently fight it:

3 Tips Against Social Media Jealousy

Step 1: Recognize “perfection

The first thing you have to remember is that there is no such thing as a “perfect” life. The person whose beautiful life you’re following through their profile, at the end of the day, has the exact same problems as you. Whether it’s work, heartache, financial problems… There’s a high probability your idol is dealing with the same inner demons!

What looks so easy and “perfect” on the feed usually takes a lot of work, time and effort and is made to give you exactly this impression of perfection. But in the end, this is just a tiny snapshot of this person’s life.

It seems obvious, but while scrolling, you can quickly forget this fact and turn green from envy of the better life of others. But in the end, you are only doing yourself and the person wrong.

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Step 2: Practice mindfulness

In comparison to someone else, you and your life usually look worse. It’s easy to forget what you have already achieved and what is good in your life when you compare yourself with the supposedly perfect image of another Instagram user!

So in a second step it helps to take a few minutes of your time and simply reflect on what you are grateful for. What makes your life really good, what makes you happy and what you have achieved and accomplished? Believe me: You’ll soon realize that your life isn’t so bad after all and that there’s no reason to be so envious of someone else. 🙂

Step 3: Social Media Detox

If nothing is helping anymore and you just feel bad about everything, it’s time for a detox. The best thing to do is to leave your social media apps closed for a few days or, if it’s that’s not manageable, at least one day. Dedicate yourself to things and people you love and let yourself be distracted from all these negative thoughts. Soon you will realize that this whole “virtual life” is not as real as it sometimes seems!

If this is not possible, for example because social media is part of your work, then clean up your account. Unfollow the profiles that are making you feel these negative feelings. It is absolutely no weakness to part ways with things that are not good for you!


With these three steps the Instagram envy has no chance anymore. Leave the negative feelings behind and just have fun with this great app again! Have you tried out the steps? Write me in the comments! 💕

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