Protein Snacks

No matter whether you want to lose some extra kilos or gain some weight during muscle training. Protein snacks after a workout can be a great help in achieving your goals! But which snacks are suitable after your workout and where should you avoid the sugar trap? Here is my simple guide to high protein snacks and my top 3 snacks for after a workout.

The market for dietary supplements in the fitness industry is booming. Sometimes it seems as if there is a new miracle cure around every corner to help you reach your fitness goals! Protein shakes, boosters, bars, and pills – the overview is quickly lost. What really fits your lifestyle and is it delicious? I have asked myself these questions too.

High protein snacks after training: A good idea?

But one thing is clear: High Protein Snacks after a workout are definitely a good idea if you want to support your body in achieving your goals. But whether you should go for a shake, a bar or yogurt, you have to find out for yourself. A short overview of the two most common options you will find in most fitness shops:

Protein Shakes

Protein Shakes are mostly found in powder form or already mixed. The choice of different tastes and ingredients is huge: the most common is whey protein (which is extracted from milk whey). But there is also a wide range of vegan and lactose-free shakes. Be sure to get some advice before your first purchase, as there are products with more or less protein content, those that fill you up longer and so on.

Shakes are quick and easy to prepare: just measure the powder and mix with water and it’s ready to drink!

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Protein Bars

Like the shakes, protein bars are available in all shapes, colors, and flavors nowadays. Small and handy, they are easy to carry in your sports bag and, unlike the shake, do not require any additional time or ingredients to prepare. But they are often full of sugar or sweetener to add delicious taste.

Snacks nach dem Training

Naturally High Protein Snacks

Personally, I could never really get used to the taste and consistency of protein shakes. Protein bars, on the other hand, I find very tasty, but most of them are full of sugar – so I don’t really use them on the daily either. Feeling similar? Don’t worry – there are many natural sources of protein that are just as good for you after workout. 😉

Here are my top 3 protein snacks after a workout:

1. Greek Yogurt with Berries

Greek yogurt has a lot of protein and makes you satiated! When shopping, be sure to take the unsweetened yogurt. If the snack tastes too sour despite the berries, sweeten it a little bit with honey. Delicious, fast and healthy!

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2. Banana with Peanut Butter

Bananas are a good choice both before and after a workout because it gives you a lot of energy and makes you full. Combine it with nut butter (my favorite is peanut, but you can also use almond butter or puree for example!) Additionally, mix both with a little milk* and voilà, enjoy this snack as a natural protein shake!

* Tip: Many supermarkets like Coop and Migros now also sell high-protein milk!

3. Cottage Cheese with Cucumber

If you feel like something salty, cottage cheese is always a good option. Enjoy it pure or refined with spices or herbs. Are you still a little bored with that? Then spice up your snack with some fresh cucumber or carrot slices. Mmmh!

With these snacks, you are optimally supplied after a workout and your body receives important proteins that it can use to build up your muscle cells. Don’t be afraid to try out different ingredients or add something new. Healthy nutrition in sports does not have to be complicated! 🙂

Do you have a favorite fitness snack? Write it in the comments, so I can try it out. ❤️

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