My big five for life

A while ago I was allowed to do a very interesting workshop with my team in the office. It was not about any measures of how we can work even more efficiently or faster. It was about us: our wishes, dreams, hopes and our ideas about life. Sounds a bit esoteric, I know. But the workshop was a very valuable experience for me and reminded me that life shouldn’t always consist of Excel spreadsheets and deadlines.

In this workshop we talked about the so-called “Big Five for Life”. The principle comes from a book of the same name by John Strelecky. The author talks about how to strive for a fulfilled life and also how to put those strivings into work. Among other things he presents his model of the “Big Five for Life”.

What are the “Big Five for Life”?

With this name, Strelecky basically describes your five greatest desires in life. So five big goals you want to achieve in your life, to be able to say in the end: “Yes, I have lived my life to the fullest!”. These goals don’t follow any particular pattern, because after all, they are completely different for every person.

Maybe you want to write a book more than anything else – then this is part of your Big Five for you. But maybe your goal is not so specific, and that’s perfectly okay. Maybe you just want to travel as much as possible. That can also be a goal in life.

Basically, it is about consciously reflecting about what you actually want to achieve in your lifetime on earth – however long it might be. How do you want to spend the time you have been given, which experiences and memories do you want to collect on your way? What at first sight may seem like a simple question for some people, quickly becomes complex if you really take your time to think.

My Big Five for Life

So, I really took my time after taking the workshop at work to think deep about these topics and questions. I realized I kinda always thought of myself as living my best life, and everything was going swimmingly always, and there’s nothing to improve… And I’m not trying to say I actually found out my life is bad in any way, because it really isn’t. But it’s also not quite as chipper as I might always thought.

I realized that I’m not quite sure what I actually want in life, if I’m really actually happy with what I’m doing at the moment. I realized I have no goals at all! To be very honest, I was quite shocked. I’m not the most ambitious person in the world, but I also didn’t think my life was floating ahead quite so aimlessly.

So I started thinking about what inspires me, what’s important in my life and what experiences I still want to have in my life. What would I regret not doing if I died today and had to look back on my life?

It took some time, but here they are my big five for life:

Explore Everything

I want to experience the whole range of human emotions, I want to discover and experience, see, smell, taste and feel other countries. I don’t want any riddle unsolved, no question unanswered and no secret unspoken, because I want to discover the world for myself.

That means I want to travel until I can’t travel anymore and ask questions until I can’t think of any more questions. I don’t want to stop, I want to move forward, sideways, in all directions at the same time. I want to experience the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, happiness and unhappiness and love and hate and everything in between.

Love As Much As I Can

Giving love and receiving love, giving my heart and feeling safe doing it. I want to love people, animals, things. I want to love nature, and cultures and stories and art and music. I want to radiate love and attract the positive, give the negative a place inside me to exist but not to grow.

Love is the greatest, strongest and most daunting power I have experienced in this life. At the end, I want to look back and know that I have filled my days with love more than anything else.

Keep Growing & Learning

Living means growing. Not learning or exploring means standing still and I don’t want that. I want to experience and learn something new every day, to find myself, recognize myself and then reinvent myself, continue to grow and see what remains, what really defines me.

I want to grow spiritually, grow physically, grow intellectually. I want to try out everything and leave nothing out because I can only grow if I broaden my horizon and offer space for all possibilities to unfold. I want to be able to say that I have tried everything and closed my heart and eyes to nothing, because only then can I say that I have exhausted my full potential.

Create Art Everyday

What I learn, see, feel, and taste I want to convert. I want to be creative, create something every day, whether with words, my voice, my hands or my heart. I want to create memories, small and large works of art that I can share with the world or keep for myself.

I don’t want there to be a day without creativity. And when I am old, I want to be surrounded by the many treasures that have accompanied me through life, to have my own little museum of darling things.

Never Regret What Made Me Happy

The final goal is perhaps the most important one… I never want to regret a decision, an experience, a memory in my life. Even if this memory brought me pain or suffering, it was an important lesson that life gave me. And if it made me happy and joyful along the journey, if only for a second, then it was worth the pain.

I know I have chosen great goals. And consciously so. Of course, I also have “smaller” goals that can be defined more clearly. I want to write a book, I want to go on a trip around the world and get married in the forest and and and and… But all these goals seemed too small, too irrelevant in terms of a whole life. That’s why I chose these goals because they will accompany me all my life and only at the very end I can think back about how and if I have achieved them. And that will be a beautiful moment. 💛

What about you? Do you also have big life goals or have you never thought about them? Are you going to set your big five for life? Tell me in the comments!

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