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Pain is versatile and can have many different causes. CBD has entered the market a few years ago and is now widely known as an effective natural medicine against chronic pain and pain in general. But should you really believe the hype about CBD? I tried it myself for a while and here are my results:

Pain isn’t an often discussed topic in today’s society. If you’re in pain and showing it, it seems like a sign of weakness. After all, there are many painkillers that you can buy anywhere in the pharmacy. You have a headache? Take an aspirin and you can go back to work. No need to whine, right? But what if the pain becomes chronic? Or when it comes monthly, in rhythm with nature, and there’s not much that helps anymore? What if the aspirin is no longer useful and social fitness can suddenly not be restored with a pill anymore?

My Experiences with Pain

Fortunately, I do not suffer from chronic pain. But unfortunately, my everyday life is not completely painless either. I often get stress-related headaches, tensions and cramps in my neck and back, which radiate into the whole body and yes, my periods also regularly bring cramps with them, which sometimes literally bring me to my knees.

For a long time, I simply took painkillers without thinking about it. I wasn’t very interested or informed about the ingredients or the recommended amount to take. Today I can no longer understand how I could act so careless about it. In any case, it took a long conversation with a good friend and an experience with addiction in my circle of friends to make me aware of my dangerous behavior.

What is CBD?

It wasn’t long before I came across CBD – Cannabidiol – in the form of oil during my research into pain killer alternatives. Medical Cannabis is already used as a medicine for pain patients worldwide and has been proven to have an analgesic effect. However, as its use is illegal in Switzerland and the effects of cannabis are only partially suitable for everyday use, cannabis is not a long-term solution for most people. This is where the CBD comes into play: in contrast to its cousin cannabis, CBD contains almost no psychoactive substances. This means that the use of CBD does not make you high.

But many of the good ingredients of cannabis are also found in CBD. The use of CBD has a relaxing effect, can relieve cramps and also helps against anxiety or nausea. In my case, I was mainly interested in the cramp and pain-relieving effects, because often my head, neck and chest pain is caused by unwanted muscle tension during sleep.

My Experience with CBD

For me, the effect was immediate and extremely relaxing. I have already used it for headaches and backaches and it worked just as well as a painkiller. Today, I often take it before I go to sleep, as it helps me not to tense up unconsciously at night (neck pain ahoy!). I also found the oil very pleasant for menstrual pain, as it has an antispasmodic effect.

But I also noticed that it’s very calming on my mind. Because it seems the relaxation the CBD oil induces in my body also has a direct effect on my psyche. Where otherwise I get anxiety or obsessively worry and think about everything three, four, five times… suddenly there is a bit of peace. And it’s so relaxing. Another plus point is that I have rarely slept so comfortably well and deeply!)

Would I recommend CBD oil?

If you are looking for an alternative, natural remedy for recurring pain, I would at least recommend a try. It’s worked really well for me so far. However, I also want to add that there have not been any signs of long-term positive effects. Meaning that when I didn’t use the oil for a while, the tensions and thus the pain slowly came back. So please be mindful, it does not replace any therapy or treatment of the cause of the pain!

Another minus point for some people can be the taste of the oil. Since you have to take the oil orally and keep it in your mouth for up to 30 seconds, the rather strong, spicy taste spreads quickly in your mouth. This is not everyone’s cup of tea! I personally cannot take it pure, as it really “chokes me up” otherwise.

Fortunately for sensitive people like me, there is the possibility to mix the oil with a sip of fruit juice and keep it in your mouth. This actually works quite well and does not minimize the effect.

Do you already have experience with CBD oil?


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