Guide to a Cozy Friday Evening at Home

It’s Friday night and the only reason you’re still at the bar, mistreating your liver with your third Sex on the Beach because otherwise, you wouldn’t know what else to do at home alone? Well, let me tell you one thing: Let your poor liver be because that is not necessary. If I’ve learned anything in my 25 years, it’s that you can stay home on a Friday evening without getting bored. And I’m going to tell you exactly how you can do that too in this handy guide to a cozy friday evening at home:

Picture it: You, all alone in your comfortable bed or cozy sofa, candles are burning, bathing everything in soft light, Netflix is providing you with all the entertainment you could ever need…

You’re not convinced yet? No problem, maybe all you need is:

The Couchpotato Guide to a Cozy Friday Evening at Home

1. Beauty-Night

So it’s Friday night and you’re home, no need to worry about a nice outfit, fancy make-up or uncomfortable shoes… The perfect time to do something good for yourself!

Take off these uncomfortable clothes and throw yourself into your fluffiest bathrobe or pyjamas. Take a hot bath and treat yourself to your favorite bathbomb. Do something good for your skin and apply a nourishing face mask. If you want to pamper yourself even more, put on a hair mask and put some bounce back into that beautiful hair of yours.

When the bathwater is ready, make yourself a nice cup of tea or pour a glass of wine, run your favorite playlist and enjoy your evening alone in the bathtub. You probably haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time, no?

When you’re ready, indulge yourself in your entire beauty ritual. Take the good, expensive body lotion and finally make time for a real mani-pedi again.

2. Netflix & Chill

We all have one, a TV show we’ve been wanting to watch for a long time… but never found the time to actually do so. And you know what? Now is the perfect time to start! Sit back, make yourself comfortable and just press the play button… And don’t turn off the TV until you’ve watched all 6 seasons including the extras. And there are people telling you that Friday nights can’t be productive…

But the best thing about a Netflix marathon is that you can do so much more on the side. The face mask from tip 1? Wear it for binge-watching. Don’t worry – Ryan Gosling loves you even with green slime on your face! 😉

3. Do It Yourself

If the first two tips are a bit too boring for you, you can of course challenge yourself a bit more. Maybe finally try that Spanish learning CD that has been lying under your bed for 2 years or try the new knitting pattern you saw on Pinterest the other day. Maybe you even dare to try out one of those 15-minute make-up tutorials on Youtube… Why not? It’s Friday night and the world is yours alone!

Maybe you feel more at home in the kitchen, so try a new recipe – and if it doesn’t work, you can always order pizza. Dare to try out all those DIY projects that you think are cool, but keep putting them off because of “time constraints”. Take advantage of the stress-free evening to live out your creativity again and try out all those things for which there is no room in everyday life.


With these three tips, you should be able to turn any Friday evening into a cozy couch potato evening without any problems. Do you have more ideas? Tell me in the comments!

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Bild: Alisa Anton // Unsplash