Valentine's Day gift ideas for a small budget

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you’re out of ideas? While the shops and online stores are busy dipping everything in bright pink and trying to convince us of their most romantic gift ideas, I’m sitting here, thinking to myself… Does a romantic gift really have to be bought to prove your love? I don’t think so. That’s why I’ve got these romantic Valentine’s Day Gift ideas for a small budget for you:

Sure, I am always happy about fresh flowers or an engraved piece of jewelry just for me. But somehow I’m struggling a little bit with the commercial part of Valentine’s Day, which is supposed to celebrate the love between two people. Maybe it is my age that is slowly taking the rose-colored glasses off my eyes? I don’t know. Anyway, this year I’ve been thinking about how I can spend a nice Valentine’s Day without any commercial pressure to buy.

5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for a Small Budget

1. Breakfast in Bed

I still remember the very first Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend. We’d only been together a month. February 14th fell on a Sunday, and it was pouring rain. Despite the rain, he went all the way to the gas station to get croissants for me while I continued to doze in the warm bed. That was the most romantic gift ever for me and I still remember it fondly today!

So a nice Valentine’s Day gift can be that simple. Get up a little earlier than your sweetheart and make them their favorite breakfast to wake up to. I can’t imagine a better start to the day!

2. A Love Letter

The art of writing letters may have been somewhat lost in times of Whatsapp, Skype, and Snapchat. But that makes the gesture all the more romantic, doesn’t it? Take an afternoon and write a long letter to your better half, telling them what you love most about him or her.

Just write whatever comes into your head. Maybe you remember your first date or a difficult time when they helped you a lot. Talk about your feelings and say something that you might otherwise not be able to say easily. I’m sure your sweetheart will love to hear it. 💖

3. Home-made Love

The way to a (wo)man’s heart is through the stomach – that is a pearl of well-known wisdom. You probably know which sweet treat your sweetheart loves best. Surprise them with their favorite sweets fresh from the oven when they come home. 😊 And if your better half isn’t so keen on sweets, I’m sure their favorite pizza will do too. 😉

If you need some inspiration, have a look at my recipes: Click here.

4. An Adventure

Time spent together is always the most valuable gift you can give to a person. Do something together that has been on your bucket list for a long time! Be it a dance class, bungee jumping or the new restaurant around the corner that you have been wanting to try for a long time.

A beautiful day together and learning something new will be remembered with a good feeling even years later.

5. A Favor

The classic when you don’t know what to give: A gift certificate. Before you spend money on something you’re not sure he or she will even like, why don’t you design a voucher yourself? Think about what your loved one might not like doing in everyday life – washing dishes, making the bed, cooking healthily – and issue vouchers for exactly these activities. Your sweetheart will certainly enjoy using them and your gift will be remembered for a long time! 😉

How do you surprise your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Tell me in the comments. 💖

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Header: Brigitte Tohm // Unsplash