Gift ideas for men who don't want anything

Yeah, you probably heard it before: The typical male answer to the annual question of what he wants for Christmas or his birthday: “Nothing”.
Ughhh! 😏 Of course, this is absolutely no help on the hunt for a great gift. But don’t give up just yet – with these ideas for men who don’t want anything, you can’t go wrong:

7 gift ideas for men who don’t want anything

Since my better half unfortunately also belongs to the species of the “want-nothing” guys, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I could put under his Christmas tree every year. Some things came together… So here is my list of gift ideas for the man who does not wish for anything:

Beard care set for the bearded companion

Beard and skincare are increasingly becoming part of the mainstream beauty routine for men – and that’s a good thing! After all, a well-groomed and styled beard makes a good impression. Beard care sets are available in all sizes and designs, you’ll find something for every need.

Warm bliss for outdoor lovers

I don’t know why, but men somehow don’t seem to know how to dress warm enough for winter. So there is a high probability that your sweetheart currently has no hat, scarf, gloves or even warm socks in his wardrobe.

So why not take the chance and give the winter wardrobe of your better half a warm upgrade? Those who like to do their own work or are looking for an extra challenge can, of course, knit some cozy outerwear themselves. 😉

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Good vibes for music lovers and hobby DJs

There is nothing better than being able to enjoy your favorite music in really good quality. So your investment in high-quality headphones for on-the-go is definitely worthwhile and will accompany him everywhere for many years to come.

A hip flask for gentlemen

A personalized flask and a bottle of his favorite spirit always go down well. At the latest when he next goes out with his buddies and for once does not have to order expensive drinks at the bar because he has his very own favorite drink with him. 😋

Geschenkideen für Männer, die sich nichts wünschen

A coffee gadget for the caffeine junkie

If he practices his daily coffee ritual with much love and can hardly work without his usual dose of caffeine, this gift will certainly be much appreciated. There are all kinds of creative and cool coffee gadgets for coffee lovers. From the espresso press to-go, to personalized coffee mugs and a monthly coffee bean subscription, the World Wide Web has everything on offer for the coffee-lovers heart.

A jewel for your sweetheart

For centuries jewelry has been a go-to gift for every occasion. Pieces of jewelry such as watches, bracelets, necklaces or even rings can have very personal meanings and, if properly cared for, will last forever (and you don’t even have to spend a ton of money for good quality!)

Especially men rarely buy a nice piece of jewelry for themselves, so if he gets one from you – maybe even with a lovely engraving – he will soon be unable to imagine his wardrobe without it.

A care package with all his favorite things

He may already have everything he wants and needs – but you can never have enough of your favorite chocolate, can you? Just pack him a loving care package with all his favorite things. Be this now colored socks, a year’s supply of Snickers, homemade brownies or DVDs and video games – you know him best and know what makes him happy. 😉


Do you have any other gift ideas for guys who have everything? Tell me in the comments! 😘

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