I am a feminist.


Because I live in one of the safest countries in the world, and yet at night alone on the street, my fingers are clasped tightly around my pepper spray. Just in case.

Because every single one of my female friends and acquaintances has had at least one serious experience in which they have been put in a humiliating or even threatening situation because of their sex.

Because my “no” is only accepted by an unwanted admirer when I say I have a boyfriend. Because I and my integrity are only respected when I am the possession of another man.

Because I catch myself, again and again, criticizing other women in my head for flaws that I myself also have. Flaws that are are natural. Flaws that should not determine the value of a person.

Because I pay almost twice as much for the same product as my fellow men, just because mine is in a pink package “for women”.

Because at a certain age I have to decide whether I want a career or a family. And because it doesn’t matter which one I end up choosing, because, in the eyes of society, both are wrong.

Because we impose false masculinity on boys from a very early age. Because showing feelings is just for girls.

feminismus und ich, bild: rora blue

Picture by Rora Blue – Handle With Care

Because I blame myself when I get groped in the club or catcalled on the street because maybe my skirt really is too short.

Because we tell women not to dance sensually or “sexually provocative” so that they don’t get sexually harassed in the club. Because we do not tell men that a short skirt or a dancing style is not an invitation.

Because we just assume men simply are victims of their primitive urges and cannot control themselves.

Because there are still countries in this world where girls are worthless. Where girls suffer, are disadvantaged, get abused and hurt and have no opportunities. Because of their sex.

Because fathers in society are discriminated against both by law and by their employers. Because we in Switzerland still do not have proper paternity leave.

Because there are still people who want to ban abortion. Who want to deny a woman the right to her own body as soon as she has a small collection of cells inside her.

Because same-sex couples are not allowed to adopt children, while orphans have to grow up in overcrowded systems without parents.

I could go on writing forever. There are so many reasons. In the end, only one really counts.

I am a feminist. Are you?


Header: Rora Blue – Handle With Care