Tips to stay positive even on bad days

Sometimes, there’s these days where nothing wants to go right and you’re convinced that everything and everyone has conspired against you. How to stay positive in situations like this can be a real mystery. And the real problem? Most of the times, you don’t even need a special trigger to fall victim to the everyday blues. It just turns up out of nowhere, ready to ruin your day! So what can you do to not fall into the trap and turn into grumpy cat all day every day? Read on:

Whenever I have a bad day, I always turn into a particularly grim little monster. For example, I punish innocent people on the bus with death stares because they dared to come within an inch of me. I voluntarily listen to the saddest or angriest music I can find on Spotify, reveling in feeling even worse. Most times, I sabotage myself even further by obsessively thinking about all the stupid little things that made me upset or sad in the first place for the rest of the day.

Downwards spiral

It really seems my brain just wants to feel all these negative feelings for a while. You could say I’m wallowing in self-pity and sadness – and enjoying it in a twisted way. It sounds counterproductive, doesn’t it? But maybe that’s simply what my mind actually needs from time to time; One of these bad, bad days when I’m feeling really down. Just so that my head can appreciate all the great and beautiful things in my life again! After all, I really do feel a lot better when I’ve just had a good cry. So maybe it’s not all that bad to have a bad day after all.

Nevertheless, you should always give yourself a little extra attention when things aren’t going so well. I mean, no one can complain about a relaxing footbath, can they? And one thing is sure: You definitely deserve it. So here are my top 5 tips on how to stay positive even on bad days.

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5 tips on how to stay positive (even on sh*tty days)

Treat Yo Self

I mean it, treat yourself to something. Anything. An extra-long, hot bath with lots of foam, candlelight and good music. Or your favorite movie, for the 52nd time. Or that really, really tasty-looking chocolate muffin. Give yourself some love and remember how great you really are. Whatever it is, it’s okay. When you’ve got the dreaded blues, you can indulge yourself a little. It’s balm for the soul.

Force yourself to think positive

Sometimes, even a chocolate muffin can’t help and you feel yourself sinking into a downward spiral of negative thoughts. That’s when you have to fight your own brain – with positive thoughts! It may sound strange, but if you just keep telling yourself about everything good, positive and beautiful in your life, you’ll eventually outwit your own brain. And even though life might actually not be that great right at this moment, your head will start to believe you! This, in turn, will slowly lead to an improvement in your mood – and tada! You have successfully outsmarted your own brain.

Let it out

Let’s be honest: Some feelings simply have to be let out. Not only anger, but also sadness or loneliness. Go to a place where you (most likely) won’t meet anybody else. Or if you don’t want to leave the house, just grab a thick pillow. And then… let it out. Yell, scream, cry, whimper – it doesn’t matter, just let your emotions run free.

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Turn it into art

If you’re not that much of a vocal person, or if you’re in a place where screaming, howling and yelling is simply not possible (I can imagine for example that this wouldn’t go down well with your fellow passengers on an airplane), you can try to write down your feelings or otherwise transform them into creative art. Music, paintings, sculptures, knitwear – whatever. Feelings can generally be let out very well in art – after all, artists have been doing this for centuries.

Get some lovin’

When everything goes wrong and absolutely nothing helps, get help. Go to the person who always knows how to cheer you up or whose presence alone is enough to calm your mind. A relative, your best friend, your partner or maybe even a teacher – it can be someone different for each person. If you are lucky, there may even be several such people in your life. Put yourself in their hands and let them heal your soul (and your bad mood).


These are my five top tips on how to stay positive and get a bad day back on track. What do you do when you’re about to get the blues? Tell me in the comments!


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